Nutritious, Organic cereal for babies with lentils and healthy grains - That's Kitchdee!

Kitchdee is made by a mom for her kids , and then shared it with others! 

We all know healthy eating starts from the very first bite! So why give babies the same old cereal that is refined and highly processed with added sugars! Kitchdee starter food is purely homemade with healthy grains  like oats, rice, millet and added with lentils and yummy veggies to give babies all the nutrition needed, with 100 % no added sugars or preservatives!

Healthy Grains & Lentils

"Kitchdee" in India is a porridge made with Rice and nutritious Lentils. We choose grains and lentils that are 100% organic and gentle on tummies. Our process is simple and basic, where we soak, dry roast  and mill the ingredients to make a perfect baby cereal starter food! Its an Age old grandma's recipe for a baby to transition to solids! 

Burst of "real" flavors

Our cereal is seasoned with mild natural spices, like cinnamon and cumin that helps for easy digestion on little tummies and adds a burst of natural flavor! It also helps babies develop a natural palette to variety of flavors..

** We NEVER add sugars or preservatives

Yummy with "Veggies"

Our cereal is added with fresh organic vegetables that are hand picked from local farmers market to get your baby used to eating healthy vegetables right from the start. What can get better than this! :)

We train your babies to solids with age appropriate  pediatrician recommended vegetables!

4-6 months

Baby is able to support neck and sit straight with support. 

* Single grain cereal WITH

* Sweet potato

8-10 months

Can crawl and grab things

* Rice & Lentil cereal WITH

* Beets

6-8 months

Sits well and reaches things

* Rice and lentil cereal WITH

* Carrots

* Peas

10-12 months

Baby trying to stand or stands

 Rice and lentil cereal WITH

* Spinach

Satisfied little bellies are our testimonials

Am so happy we stumbled upon Kitchdee cereal. One of my friends recommended this for our daughter when  starting solids. It serves up both as a meal and as a snack  and i can make it in minutes whenever i need it. I can smell the homemade freshness whenever i open the cereal and i cant be any more happier! 

--  Roopa/ Mom of 7 month old

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Buy with confidence! Kitchdee products are approved by department of health of Georgia and all products are made in a commercial kitchen licenced by dept of agriculture!

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