Hi, I am Harini, a working mom of two wonderful kids! Like all moms, i always wanted to give the best for my kids and started looking for healthy food options while transitioning my kids to solids. But, i could only find very few options available in the grocery stores here and none of them have more than one ingredient, and for sure had loads of added sugars and preservatives. I talked to my mom about this, and she the very next day she posted me this wonderful homemade baby cereal powder which is made of rice, and lentils with added optional vegetables.  It has no sugars, no preservatives and still i comfortably stored and used them for over 4 months. That's when i decided to share this grandma's recipe. 

Kitchadi as we commonly call in India, is a simple porridge cooked out of Rice, split yellow lentils and mild spices to give the baby complete nutrition while transitioning to solids. This can be complimented with soft boiled vegetables, fruit purees and the options are endless and it takes less than 10 mins to make. The spices added in kitchadi like cumin, helps in digestion and to keep little tummies at ease.  I am more than excited to share this with all the moms i know, and am sure it will stay the favorite nutritious and the most convenient food your baby while moving to solids!


Kitchdee Team!